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How To Wear Jewellery Like A Street Style Start

Jewellery has a strong power to completely upgrade any outfit. Whether it is a ring, necklace earrings or just a bracelet. All of these pieces of jewellery have the power to give your outfit that little bit extra.

Go Big Or Go Home

Large earrings and necklaces are massively popular in the fashion industry at the moment, especially on the street. Large jewellery is not for everybody. However, it can make a bold statement.

Some people will wear big necklaces and small earrings just to counteract one another. Some people will wear it the other way around. But, wearing both large earring and necklaces, now that is a style that you should try. The best way to do this is by wearing contrasting pieces which, consist of a variety of different shapes and finishes. Making them look more unique.

Remember To Dress Up Your Wrists

Many people forget about wearing jewellery on their wrists. Some people are happy having nothing. Other people will often just wear a watch. Vintage jewellery is great when it comes to bracelets. There are a variety of different styles and materials that can suit everybody’s needs.

One of the best things about bracelets is that they can be good on their own or with multiple on one wrist. Not to mention they look great with a watch as well. You can either match the same material with your watch or, you can mix it up. There are a few different ways you can style your jewellery on your wrists. One of these is by mixing the materials of your bracelets.

There are plenty of bracelets that are out there to suit your needs. If in doubt, they just get a watch as this is the safest option.

Mix and Match

Mixing the metals for your jewellery is not necessarily a bad idea when it comes to street fashion. You do not need to match the style or material with your Art Deco Engagement Rings. Try different materials and sizes on your finger to make you look different and unique.

This goes for your bracelets as well. Mixing the materials with any of your jewellery is totally normal with street fashion. In fact, you could say that it looks great and adds to the look. Mixing different colours and materials works really well with your rings. It all just depends on your personal preference and what matches your personality.


Now, you are an expert on how to style yourself for the highstreets with your jewellery. There are many different ways to wear your jewellery so think outside the box. Aim to impress as well as catch people’s eye out because of how you are wearing your jewellery.

You do not have to stick to the same jewellery at the end of the day. Mix it up. If you are stuck on a budget then you could always consider artificial jewellery. Sometimes, this looks just as good as the real thing.