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Poinsettia Flower Paper Craft

Print out the poinsettia flower template on the red construction paper. This will print out 2 flowers. Cut the three sizes of flower bracts apart. Trace the largest flower on green. Making the poinsettia flower layers. In this step, you can start to layer up the flower.

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Place each flower layer from the. For the poinsettia petals draw using your molding mat as if you were drawing veins on a leaf. Then flip the whole thing over. You will be able to see the veins you. How to make a paper poinsettia craft. The poinsettia template comes with two versions: Whether you’re hand cutting or machine cutting you’ll need: Cardstock for the flower petals and leaves, and if you don’t want to use beads cardstock. Creating a paper poinsettia table arrangement. The first step to creating your paper poinsettia arrangement is to prep your leaves and base.