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Orchid Flower Repotting

Clean up the roots. Use clean scissors to remove any dead or rotting roots. After the orchid is out of its pot, use your fingers and a clean pair of scissors to clean up the roots. Gently ease apart any that are tangled and clip away roots that are dead or rotten. If your orchid is pot bound, then move it into a pot one size larger. Position the plant in the centre of the pot, then fill around the root ball with orchid compost, making sure to also fill any gaps.

Video Gallery About Orchid Flower Repotting

Fill the bottom of the pot with your orchid mixture, then set the plant on top. Lightly fill in the areas around the roots with the potting medium, but make sure not to pack it down — remember, orchids love oxygen. Once the orchid is happily repotted, place it back in its original location. Learn how to keep your orchid thriving well beyond its first flower with this handy repotting tutorial. For orchids growing from a single major stem, position the orchid in the center of the pot. Add fresh growing medium. Sprinkle the growing medium into the pot, and use your fingers to gently press the medium in and around the roots. Add enough medium so that it comes up to the base of the orchid. Repot orchid while flowering. The pine bark, to remove the orchid with great care.