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Gladiolus Flower Availability

Flower pictures of gladiolus basic gladiolus flower information common names gladiolus scientific name genus species gladiolus alatus family iridaceae history the word gladiolus means little sword in latin. The flower was then later brought to europe, where. Our bulk gladiolus flowers sprout beautiful blooms pefect for tall bouquets and centerpieces. Buy gladiolus wedding flowers online and save. Varieties require a few days for blooms to open, revealing their natural, beautiful colors. Super premium varieties are available may through december.

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How and when to plant gladiolus corms. Gladiolus corms can be planted 4 to 6 inches deep. In theory, the deeper you plant them, the more support they will be able to provide themselves as they grow. I’m here to tell you, that is a lie. In the real world, these flowers will need to be staked at some point. Month sub category category availability notes; Glam gladiolus flowers make a dramatic statement in the garden and vase. Plant these affordable summer bulbs by the dozen. Gladiolus do best in full sun, but if it's not available they will still flower in partial shade. Although glads can tolerate shallow planting, placing.