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Gardenia Flower Varieties

Tahitian gardenia is the national flower of tahiti. It's shape is like a pinwheel or a star with attractive yellow center. As a tropical plant, it loves heat. It's blooming time starts from spring through fall. 4 to 6 feet. 4 to 6 feet.

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Symbol of purity and sweetness, the gardenia flower makes excellent cut flowers and is prized in wedding bouquets or. Depending on the variety, grow gardenia either as an indoor plant or in the garden. Originating from china, and named after the botanist alexander garden, gardenia jasminoides has been grown as a greenhouse or conservatory plant for over 200 years and latterly as a house plant. more recently, with the development and breeding of hardier varieties, gardenia can now. Over 200 gardenia varieties are available in a wide range of height, flower size and color, leaf size and color, blooming time and duration, and shrub habit. Here is the list of the most popular dwarf gardenia cultivars. The single flowers bloom in early summer and have a second bloom in the fall. ‘variegata’ has interesting variegated foliage and beautiful double flowers on a small, 3 to 4 foot tall and wide plant. If you are searching for gardenia flower varieties, you have arrive at the proper place. We have 9+ images about gardenia flower varieties including images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and more. In these page, we also have variety of images available.