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Freesia X Hybrida Flower Design

A bulb which produces flowers with a beautiful scent, in a range of blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and white (the most fragrant of all). These spring flowering cormous plants make excellent cut flowers. Plant corms in autumn, cover with ± 50mm of soil and water regularly to keep the soil moist at root level. Leave corms in the soil for the next season or lift during. Cascade of stars wax flower. Hot overhead sun to warm low sun.

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Freesia x hybrida has an important role in the global cut flower market. This work describes the phenological events of the crop as can be. Freesia x hybrida is a popular cut flower and flowering potted plant. Diagnostic traits of the 11 freesia species are described with reference to their potential commercial value. Temperature and photoperiod are the primary factors controlling flowering. Elongated leaves form a bush at the base of the plant, from which thin peduncles grow up to 50 cm long. Most commonly grown varieties of hybrid freesia (freesia x hybrida), obtained as a result of crossing broken freesia (freesia refracta) with pale yellow flowers and armstrong freesia (f. Armstrongii) with pink flowers. Plant corms densely, no more than 1½ inches apart, and 2 inches deep from the base of the corm. Water freesia sparingly after planting until they sprout.