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Freesia Flower White

$ $ $ $. Freesia blooms take a little longer to bloom and sometimes the multiple blooms do not bloom simultaneously. It is native to the eastern side of southern africa, from kenya south to south africa, most species being found in cape provinces. The freesia flower is a bloom that has multiple, trumpet shaped blossoms that are fragrant, gorgeous, and long lasting. They have become very popular with brides and wedding planners for summer wedding flowers and spring wedding flowers. When it comes to freesia colors, we have a lot, such as white freesia, blue freesia, purple freesia, yellow.

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Plant corms 5cm deep in spring in sandy, moderately fertile soil in sun. The freesias hold a very special floral message. Its symbolic meanings are just as charming as the flower’s first bloom! History of freesia flowers. The freesias were first defined in 1882 as a perennial herb native to the paradise of south africa. About the freesia flower family, genus and taxonomy. Genus belongs to the iridaceae or iris family. This order of flowering plants, known as asparagales, contains about 1,800 species across 70 genera. Other cultivated plants in the iridaceae family include the crocus, gladiolus, and iris. in fact, the term iridaceae comes from the greek iris or. Freesias come in many different colours, from white and purple to yellow and red.