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Dwarf Celosia Flower

Cockscomb, mfungu (its swahili name). Herbaceous annual or tender perennials, some are perennial shrubs though. How to care for celosia. Water to keep the compost evenly moist at all times but take care not to overwater. The flower heads of crested celosia (celosia cristata), also called cockscomb celosia, resemble the structures of a brain, while some of the narrower flower heads look like a. There are three main types of celosia flowers:

Video Gallery About Dwarf Celosia Flower

They are easily distinguishable from each other. The three forms belong to only two. You know you've hit the. A tiny, budding celosia flower still some time away from its maturity. To harvest celosia plants for eating, you can uproot the entire plant. Dwarf wheat celosia varieties (celosia spicata): How to start celosia from seed. Celosia flowers are like pansies in that a variety of colors work just as well as a single selection. The red, purple, yellow, and orange color palette of the ‘crested armor’ cultivar. Celosia plant care & growing guide.