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Candytuft Flower Botanical Name

Candytuft (iberis) is a genus of annual, perennial and shrubby plants in the brassica (cabbage) family. the name ‘candytuft’ is from candia, the former name of iraklion on the. 20 to 25 centimetres width: 30 to 90 centimetres. Iberis candytuft likes a sunny spot sheltered from. How to grow candytuft flowers: 5 care tips for candytufts.

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Botanical name iberis sempervirens. Plant type perennial flower. Mature size 12″ inches tall. Sun exposure full sun to partial shade. The name candytuft does not denote candy, but is rather derived from candia, which is the former name of iraklion situated on the island of crete. The word ‘tuft’ may denote. Iberis sempervirens, the evergreen candytuft or perennial candytuft, is a species of flowering plant in the family brassicaceae, native to southern europe. The species is often used as an. The name is supposed to have come from candia the early name for the island of crete. Moreover in the language of flowers candytuft symbolizes different traits and qualities including.