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Blue Bachelor Button Flower

Some of the other names that bachelor buttons are called are: Cornflowers, blue poppies, blue bonnet, and blue cap. Known in latin as centaurea cyanus. Culinary uses for bachelor buttons. Bachelor’s button, also known as cornflower because of its prevalence in cornfields in its native europe, is a cutting garden and cottage garden favorite. Grown for its bright blue, fringed flowers, the stems last for days in a cut flower arrangement.

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How to grow bachelor’s button flowers. Starting bachelor's button from seed is fairly simple. Plant seeds in late winter or early spring. In general, it's safe to sow bachelor’s button seeds once you've had your last frost. The blooms attract butterflies and beneficial insects. Juice can be extracted from the flowers to. Gerald c williamson nikon d60: The blossoms of bachelor's button are more commonly blue than other colors. Click on the photo for a larger image. Pioneer cemetery, horshoe bend, id date: