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Bird Of Paradise Flower Up

The spiky petals of the flower mimic the head of a crane which often leans toward it, being called the crane flower. Bird of paradise (strelitzia reginae). Mature bird of paradise can grow from 4 feet up to 6 feet tall and wide. You can also see mature plants producing anywhere up to 36 flower spikes every year. Repotting too often can inhibit the flowering of bird of paradise blooms for up to two years. Instead, you should simply top dress the plant with fresh potting soil in spring.

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Bird of paradise flower closeup isolated over white background. This illustration contains transparencies and is layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring. Bird of paradise, crane flower, banana treebotanical name: Bird of paradise, sometimes just called bird (strelitzia regina), is a flower from south africa. It is available all year, but may be in short supply in the summer. The stems are two to four feet. The bird of paradise flower is any of the species of flowering plants belonging to the taxonomic genus strelitzia. They are also called the crane flower because it has a shape of a crane. This plant has a unique shape, a beautiful array of colors, and can be found on tropical islands. The flower comes up on a stem that is also called a.