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Bells Of Ireland Crepe Paper Flowers

This bells of ireland flower is handmade from light green crepe paper to make a beautiful flower for any occasion! From a birthday party to a wedding, paper flowers are a great decoration. Bells of ireland paper flower. Paper flower bells of ireland shell flower youtube. Cut the flowers for drying in mid to. The materials required are crepe papers in light pink white and light.

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Leave seeds uncovered, as they require light to germinate. The seeds are slow to. Bells of ireland is the perfect green flower for adding height to wedding bou. Place seeds in a damp paper towel. Put the paper towel in a plastic bag and set it on a heat mat or in a warm spot (on top of your fridge). In just a few days, the seeds will begin. Materials used* crepe paper* artificial pistil* scissors* floral tape* floral wire* glue A 1/12th or 1” scale paper flower kit to make 5 eucalyptus leaf stems. The picture shows the eucalyptus with calla lilies, these are available separately. Easy to make, these are a lovely.