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Anigozanthos Flower O

Anigozanthos flavidus, commonly called kangaroo paws, is native to the southwestern corner of western australia. It is a rhizomatous evergreen perennial that grows from a short horizontal rhizome. In areas where it can be grown outdoors, it will bloom spring through fall. In greenhouses, it may bloom continuously. The genus name, anigozanthos, comes from the greek word “anises,” which means unequal, and “anthos,” meaning flower. Varieties of kangaroo paw.

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Brash and strong, anigozanthos blooms will inject confidence into a design. There is a toughness about this flower that makes it a perfect selection when you want to add some vigor into an arrangement. Receive keeping it fresh, our monthly newsletter; Anigozanthos onycis was first described by alex george in 1974. George assigned the epithet onycis for the clawed appearance of the flower when opened, derived from the greek onyx (a talon or claw). The unknown species was brought to the attention of the author in 1962, at a flower show in kalgoorlie (500 km beyond its known range), but the source of this specimen. Active ingredient extracted from a beautiful red flower, of australian origin, named kangaroo paw. Improves the architecture of the dermis by increasing the synthesis of its main structural proteins, elastin and collagen. This results in visible skin rejuvenation such as reduction of wrinkles and. Anigozanthos is available in the commercial cut flower market in cut stems during the summer months of the northern or southern hemisphere.