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Swanky Sneaks for Today’s Tree Hugging Do-Gooder

Most of us care about the planet, try not to be wasteful and at least put some effort into recycling. But what if recycling your aluminum beer cans is not enough?  Thankfully, there are companies whose brand DNA and business practices go far beyond to create products that allow us to feel good about our purchases without negatively impacting mother earth. Cariuma is such a company and it just happens to be the hot new sneaker brand hell-bent on selling your stylish footwear while saving the planet, one pair of sneaks at a time.

We’ve all heard of Tom’s which is another great business model. Buy a pair of shoes and they give two to children without in developing countries. What if that model applied to planting trees in deforested areas? In stepped Cariuma to do just that. Most of us are horrified by deforestation in the Amazon and in

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