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Trends of 2020


The last year has been a rude awakening. The novel virus questioned everything right from the very functioning of our lives – the frail governance, the imminent life threat, the economy and the future of human interaction, and even our wardrobes. With waves came the ripples and changed in the way we interacted, masks became an integral accessory, and digital platforms and e-commerce became the next big thing in business.

Does that mean there were new fashion trends? Definitely. A medium of self-expression fashion trends shifted their gears from elaborate evening gowns to pyjamas, leggings and crocs. If the world was laid out in a graph, here are some trends that mapped the fashion industry in 2020.


1. Face Masks

Previously seen as a mere accessory quickly escalated to be imperative and important for all us. However, that did not stop the surgical mask from embracing fashion and

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