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Biotechnology and Hermès Collaborate on the Perfect Sustainable Skin.

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A few years ago, at one of the last American Express Luxury Summits, the renowned Richard David Story, EIC of Departures Magazine, interviewed Richard Chavez, Hermes President and CEO of the Americas. 

Mr. Story had a joyful penchant for asking questions that were direct, needful, and unadorned: questions that most wanted to know but would never ask. So, he asked anyway:  “Why are Hermês’ handbags so expensive?”  

Mr. Chavez answered, without missing a beat, “Because it takes time to find the perfect skin.” 

A memorable answer. 

With this in mind, Hermês, a family-owned company in existence since 1837, and whose leather brand deals with finding, tanning and creating perfect animal skins into perfect products, surprised many recently with the announcement that Hermês was collaborating with a company that created a new type of skin: sustainable, neither animal, nor vegetable, to its collection. The material is called

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