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80s Trend Philippines

Following the Louis Vuitton Firm’s baggage line grew larger and larger. Nowadays, Louis Vuitton handbags have been admired and revered as synonymous with high end craft and quality.

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If you need one of the best training on design, then you will want to take a look at design faculties Dallas. That interlocking brand on the luggage, that signature fragrance famously referred to as Chanel no.5 and that legendary of Coco Chanel, the glamorously talented designer; perhaps the world can by no means thank the French designer sufficient for her immense contribution to the world of trend particularly for the sense of liberation and practical strategy she introduced with her designs in garments, jewellery and equipment in the World Conflict I era. Whether or not it is the Little black gown” or the complexly composed Chanel no.5 fragrance, she won the hearts of every body; and … Read more

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Moms love the comfort of OOFOS shoes

Jill Weinlein

This Mother’s Day, give mom a pair of OOFOS flip-flops or shoes. They are so comfortable, that she will always think of you when she wears them. These shoes are perfect for moms of all ages – pregnant, new or seasoned. They are the ideal shoe to slip into for an afternoon wellness walk or after long days running after their little ones.

As pregnant moms carry 20 extra pounds (whether a baby in your belly or a baby on your hip), the OOfoam™ technology built into the shoe absorbs 37% more impact. Moms will like how the sole cradles arches, reduces stress on sore feet, knees and back. Plus these shoes enable a more natural walking motion and reduces energy requirements at primary joints for walking.

Jill Weinlein

Seeing a need of shoe not currently being met by the footwear industry, the OOFOS team engineered shoes to

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