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How the World Experienced Digital Paris Fashion Week

Iris Van Herpen

When Couture Week hits Paris, it seems that the whole city comes alive with a sense of beauty and sophistication. Not this year. With the global pandemic, Paris Fashion Week was experienced from behind laptops, iPhones and tablets. And attendees that were usually perched front row in the latest couture were instead sitting on their couch in their PJs. The current climate being what it is, designers opted to bring Couture Week en masse to the internet, releasing a series of fashion films that ranged from simplistic mock runway footage to mini-movies.

It was the first time that Paris Couture Week went digital and while some films (if they could be called that since they were merely simulated runway shows) fell short, others packed a powerfully creative punch. For example, with a single dress, Iris Van Herpen captured our attention for a full two-and-a-half-minute film. Which was

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