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The History of DIOR in the Retrospective Show in Paris


DIOR, perhaps more than any other couture house shows us how history and fashion are linked. He changed the world of fashion when WWII ended creating the “NEW LOOK”. Never mind that women had tasted the freedoms of the working world during the war building airplanes, running assembly lines in factories, driving ambulances and making bombs. We are not talking about shrinking violets. DIOR wanted women to feel like flowers and exotic birds from the unique and rare world of his imagination.  You walk through the gardens of DIOR, the thematic thread that ties it all together.  Experience the muses,  see the models, photographers, make-up artists and creative directors who have all contributed to this extraordinary history. 

DIOR ICON: This is the SUIT of the New Look from 1947

At the heart of a couture house is always the original creator Monsieur Christian Dior, himself. It falls to

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